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$300 Forever 21 Gift Card (valid through 12/05/17)

$100 Victoria's Secret E-Gift Card (valid through 12/05/17)

$100 P.F. Chang's eGift Card (valid through 12/05/17)

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$500 Brighton Gift Card (valid through 12/03/17)

Sony PlayStation Vita (valid through 12/03/17)

$100 Olive Garden Gift Card (valid through 12/03/17)

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$1,000 Home Depot Gift Card (valid through 12/02/17)

$100 Hallmark Gift Card (valid through 12/02/17)

$100 T.G.I. Friday's Gift Card (valid through 12/02/17)

$500 American Airlines Gift Card (valid through 12/01/17)

$100 Lowe's Gift Card (valid through 12/01/17)

$100 iTunes Gift Card (valid through 12/01/17)

Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker (valid through 11/29/17)

$100 Yankee Candle Gift Card (valid through 11/29/17)

$100 Starbucks Gift Card (valid through 11/29/17)

$500 Chico's Gift Card (valid through 11/28/17)

$100 Charlotte Russe Gift Card (valid through 11/28/17)

$100 Red Lobster Gift Card (valid through 11/28/17)

$250 Sephora Gift Card (valid through 11/25/17)

$100 Petsmart Gift Card (valid through 11/25/17)

$100 Ruby Tuesday Gift Card (valid through 11/25/17)

$1,000 Best Buy Gift Card (valid through 11/21/17)

$100 REI Gift Card (valid through 11/21/17)

$100 IHOP Gift Card (valid through 11/21/17)

$500 Zales Gift Card (expired 11/16/17)

$100 Old Navy Gift Card (expired 11/16/17)

$100 Outback Steakhouse Gift Card (expired 11/16/17)

$1,000 Email Gift Card (expired 11/15/17)

$200 Aeropostale Gift Card (expired 11/15/17)

$100 Applebee's Gift Card (expired 11/15/17)

$500 Bed and Breakfast Gift Card (expired 11/14/17)

$100 Sears Gift Card (expired 11/14/17)

$100 Denny's Gift Card (expired 11/14/17)

$350 5-7-9 Gift Card (expired 11/13/17) winner: Jacee P. of Orlando, FL

$100 Lady Foot Locker Email Gift Card (expired 11/13/17) winner: Mariah G. of Springfield, MO

$100 Panera Bread Gift Card (expired 11/13/17) winner: Anna T. of Cedar Rapids, IA

$1,000 Macy's Gift Card (expired 11/12/17) winner: Karen O. of Manteca, CA

$100 Barnes and Noble Gift Card (expired 11/12/17) winner: Frieda C. of Levittown, PA

$100 Red Robin Gift Card (expired 11/12/17) winner: Brianna M. of Butte, MT

$500 J.C. Penney eGift Card (expired 11/09/17) winner: Stella I. of Columbia, MO

$100 Kirkland's Gift Card (expired 11/09/17) winner: Jessica P. of Manchester, NH

$100 Chili's Gift Card (expired 11/09/17) winner: Carla T. of St. George, UT

$250 Best Western Hotel Travel Gift Card (expired 11/07/17) winner: Mathias L. of Missoula, MT

$100 Eddie Bauer Gift Card (expired 11/07/17) winner: Kendra C. of Medford, OR

$100 Gamestop Gift Card (expired 11/07/17) winner: Natalie O. of Winnipeg, MB - Canada

Bose QuietComfort 15 Noise Cancelling Headphones (expired 11/05/17) winner: Beth M. of Wyandanch, NY

$100 Hollister Co. Gift Card (expired 11/05/17) Meredith Y. of Louisville, KY

$100 Cheesecake Factory Gift Card (expired 11/05/17) winner: Tina P. of Kenosha, WI

$500 Maurices Gift Card (expired 11/03/17) Vanessa C. of Hanford, CA

$100 Bed, Bath and Beyond Gift Card (expired 11/03/17) winner: Erin L. of Astoria, OR

$100 California Pizza Kitchen Gift Card (expired 11/03/17) winner: Rochelle S. of Port Charlotte, FL

$500 Toys R Us Gift Card (expired 11/02/17) winner: Cynthia G. of Murfreesboro, TN

$100 Bath and Body Works Gift Card (expired 11/02/17) winner: Tiffany K. of Murfreesboro, TN

$100 Cheddar's Gift Card (expired 11/02/17) winner: Katrina V. of Ruston, LA